Forging a Finnish Legend:Cold and Rigid(also known as Finnish) approach on tactics Part I

As I did say in my previous post I am a manager that appreciates: Hard work, Pressing, Playmaker and a solid Defensive Midfielder. Two latter ones can also be forged together in my book in which case it leaves me other options for my plans on the centre of the pitch. Also I have favored pretty direct passing and high tempo. Relentless no-nonsense football without the fancy stuff. I would like to add that it sounds like a finnish recipe. Work your ass off and see what that gives us. I have to admit that it has given me a lot in the world of FM and it will still probably turn out to be a very efficient way of gaining success in that field. However I am also familiar with the dangers of stagnation and losing the progressive movement considering developing yourself as a manager. In a sense this is funny because even knowing this it still took me small glance somewhere else to get myself into motion, get myself into processing stuff. I found learning yet again.

Basically it only took just one video on @Youtube for me to start telling myself: “Hey! There are so many ways you can do this. Why not go have a look?” And I did. In the process I found out really good stuff from people that were really passionate about their craft. Lessons came in different forms. Spoken words, written words, pictures, videos, recordings of discussions. It really set things in motion for me to re-do myself and find new tools for winning.

I did give you a hint before about some ground rules on my tactics that I am going to use on my save “The Finnish Legend” but just for quick re-cap I mentioned using AMC and trying to cope without my beloved DMC. Obviously being causious just screams having somebody to fill the cap between the defenders and the midfield. I just have to make one without it.

“To understand the future, you must know your history”

I have previously used a lot of halfback and anchorman depending on which was more suited for my tactic because I wanted that element to my tactic which disrupts the playmaking just in front of my back four. This resulted me spreading my offensive game to the wings using my back and wingers to push up quite heavily during ball possession. Being well aware of the broken nature of wing game in FM16 this was very lucrative way to do business. The heavy usage of DMC always left me quite oblivious about the position of AMC or Shadow Striker. So I just left one piece of my puzzle always to the box and told myself to be happy with the picture.

Being fairly honest the success with this actually led me to get quite bored at times and it really needed  for me to see something different to get me excited about re-doing some of my ground philosophies. Like I said, it took just one vid to spark my interest to go seek for different avenues.

I have admired possession football quite some time because the logic behind that is pretty solid. Keeping the ball gives the opponent less opportunities to score while it increases your opportunities to score.  Plain as milk. Still my main approach has always been pretty straightforward getting a score as soon as possible while having possession. I haven´t been exploring the possibility to keep the ball and carefully and patiently create quality changes for my team to get good results. I haven´t explored the possibility to defend with the ball. Looking around gave me ideas how I want  to keep the ball and in doing that conduct defense and offense at the same time.

Pressing, always liked pressing. Loved pressing when I still played myself. You just have to love the idea of creating haste and panic on the opponent players with the ball. Which players on your team you would reckon have the worst tools to play and create under pressure. This might be situational but  usually it is the goalie and the defenders. Also it possesses the simple cold logic behind it. “Win the ball near the opponent goal and you have a lot of work cut out for you.” So the pressing side has not so much changed, little tweak here and there. Pressing still is with me.

WingBacks. Those endlessly moving workhorses that seem to go on for forever and after the match go for a hike. I have always tried to use as much of those as possible. Roberto Carlos, Phillip Lahm, Cafu, Maldini. The list is prestigious and great. I have used attacking wingbacks for so long and quite efficiently. For me they are pretty large part of my attack. So that part of my philosophies is pretty much intact.

Am I rambling too much?? Can´t really tell myself so let´s get on with the program.

With my finnish save “The Finnish Legend” I have come up with 4-2-3-1 formation that looks awfully “Kloppian” as I would like to call it. A possession based highly pressing tactic trying to create “Heavy metal football” as Jurgen would call it. It is “Gegenpressing” at least as I see it since the main press comes from my attacking four str-amc-wnges. If you want to dwell more into that sort of stuff, I relieve myself from duty and hand this over to my buddy @DerFM here: He can tell you more about “kloppian” football that I can ever learn. So, the formation…..


As you can see there it lines out a 4-2-3-1. This can also be modified for 4-4-1-1 on counter and defensive preferences as I am planning out to carry this one also. I also have more defensive stuff in works but let us stick with this one for the moment. The defensive and counter option line up to look like this.

formation 2

As you can see we are dropping the inside forwards to wide midfielders and wingbacks to fullbacks to achieve some security againts overwhelming opponent. I have to remind here that these are just formations I am working on and I don´t have extensive knowledge how these will work until I have progressed the save quite a lot more. Also you might see if you payed attention that I just moved the players inside the same tactic just to get the pictures so instructions and such are off the mark. (I know, I am lazy).

So not wanting to doze off people by making them to read until the end of times I will be a good sport and cut this article right here and continue on the next episode about why I want to use these sort of tactics in the finnish league and some more detail on the team and player instructions.

Until that, you guys have a sweet time doing whatever you do best!!









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