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Hello all. This will most likely be the last post I put out through here. We´ll see.

Very recently I started my own website  and started blogging there. So anyone who is still interested in any up and coming content should cast their eyes on www.thefinnfm.com. That´s the site where my content will be released from now on. Thank you.



Forging A Finnish Legend: The Fall Update 2018/2019

fall update

After two very good seasons in the Luigi Ferraris finishing 2nd in the Serie A on both occasions and winning the TIM Cup and the UEFA Europa League on the latter, there was only one goal for the 3rd season in our non-smoking dugout. Scudetto.

Yes. This season we would put our best effort to finally throw over the old lady from her pedestal. And we were ready for it. Armed with newly acquired offense weapons we set our sails to find the Juve galleon and sink it to the deepest pit of the Adrianic sea.

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Forging A Finnish Legend: Season 3 In Review.


Season 2017/18 is over and it is time to look back how the season went in general.

One of our major goals was to push ourselves into the european scene with our Sampdoria team. Also we wanted to further develop our  team and lay some ground work towards the future challenge of competing for the Serie A title. Let´s us jump straight onto our european adventure and see how we fared against the top level teams in europe. click to read more

In the footsteps of a legend: FK Vojvodina club assessment Part I : Infrastructure #FM16 #wearethecommunity


Now that we have got rid of the boring history stuff, it really is the time to dwell into the Vojvodina club assesment. For this task I will be wielding my highly sophisticated evaluation method called LWYEIWYB. It has served me well in all my time within is this game and I highly recommend using it while looking over different aspects considering team evaluation and decision. The current version is 1.o and it has basically stayed the same having some minor updates put into along the way. But let us jump into the assessment process itself with FK Vojvodina.

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In the footsteps of a legend: Humble Beginnings

Vujadin_Boskov_1975 (1)

On the 27 of April 2014 world of football lost one of it´s most original and unique characters. Vujadin Boškov, former manager of Real Madrid and Yugoslavia died at the age of 82 after battling grave illness for some time and eventually losing it in the end. Spanning his career for over seven decades he left his mark to the footballing world as an international footballer and a coach loved by his players. His most remarkable feature was the Scudetto which he won as a Sampdoria manager 1990-1991. Following that with an appearance in the European Cup final with Sampdoria only losing to Barcelona on extra-time. Other accolades during his tenure include two Italian cups, Italian super cup and European Cup Winners Cup.

In Italy he was famous for his laconic comments on press conferences producing time lasting quotes with his basic Italian. Some of the Italian all time greats including names like Vialli, Mancini and Pagliuga remember him from his great coaching but also from his great psychological eye and intelligence. For some players like Sinisa Mihajlovic he was like a father, teaching his players by example on the pitch of football and on the pitch of life. The native of Serbia will be always revered on the blue side of Genoa as a true legend as a person and as a coach.

It would be wrong for me to say that I have been  a huge fan of Boskov all my life(would be cool but not true). I only recently started digging into his work obviously through my Youtube save “The Finnish Legend” where I manage UC Sampdoria and while it is easier for me to remember the Sampdoria team who played under his tutelage I really wanted to know more about the person who steered them to that amazing period of time in Samp history which has repeated since. As I was going trough articles found on the interwebs the idea started signalling it´s birth in my head. I wanted to have a Football Manager save with the influence of Boskov. 

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Forging A Finnish Legend: The Finnish Redknapp In Action; Wheeling And Dealing Like A Pro



First and foremost I feel the need to tell you about the title. I was really having difficulties to come up with an title for this post. So my buddy @MerryGuido from the strikerless came up with this title and all the credit is due to him. All the grievances and bad thoughts about the title is on me since I actually decided to use it. But into the business at hand.

This post is under my Finnish Legend series but it still totally reflects the way I approach  player transactions either in or out in Football Manager series. You could say I am the worst “buyer” around Football Manager since all the offers or starting values seem overpriced to me at start. In other way all the offers I receive for my players seem laughable most of the time and are straight away rejected without hesitation. So in that field I spend a lot of time negotiating deals to both ways trying to keep outgoing cash flow at minimum and incoming at maximum. Easy as pie eh?

Also I consider myself fairly poor explaining myself in just words so we might want to look into couple of examples on outgoing transfer and player I bought in.  I try to go trough this giving insight why these two transactions felt acceptable to me.

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Forging A Finnish Legend: The Rise Of Federico Bonazzoli


Patience is a virtue and in the case of Federico Bonazzoli that is more than true. I started my tenure at Sampdoria in the summer of 2016 right after the start of pre-season and Bonazzoli had spent the season at Vitrus Lanciano bagging 22 goals, 3 assist and a solid 7.05 average in 38 Serie B games. Pretty promising stuff for a 18-year old product of Internazionale who was signed with 4.5m in february of 2015.

Bonazzoli made his  Serie A debut as the second youngest player in Serie A (17 days older than Massimo Pellegrini) in the age of 16 against Chievo Verona. His U21 debut was the 1-0 loss to Denmark on 17th of November 2014 and he was the youngest player to make his debut during that time.  He eventually played 9 times for Nerrazzuri before switching on to Sampdoria on the summer of 2015 having played rest of the season with Inter on loan.

When I was assessing my team at the start of july in 2016 his impressive stats from previous season in Serie B caught my eye and I really needed to sit down to think about how we should proceed with this up and coming striker in my team.

Already fielding quite amount of proven strikers in my ranks and him playing a cracking season in Serie B, there was no other plausible option but to loan him to a first tier league somewhere in europe where he could get first team minutes and would further continue his development as a Serie A striker for the future. He was passed out as available for loan and also offered to clubs that might have been interested on his services as a first team regular. Eventually one team was singled out from the rest and Bonazzoli backed his bags and moved to Lower-Normandy to play for SM Caen. He did make steady progress during 2016/17 season in France. Posting out 12 goals, 1 assist and 7.01 average in 33 games and was projected to enter first team in the coming season of 2017/18.

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Saving Bremen: Aller Anfang ist schwer – Die Jugend Part I


As I mentioned in my previous post seen here, this time we are going to look at my plans considering young players I had in Bremen and the young ones I brought in. My initial plan for the most part is to loan these players to ensure them some “Men´s” games. I shall reserve the tutoring for the youth players in my club.

I shall start off with  the young players I brought in on the summer transfer window. On the second part I will go over the players I already had in my team.

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